Marvel’s ‘Ironheart’ series set to start shooting in April 2022

Image via Marvel

It’s been almost a year since Dominique Thorne was revealed as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Riri Williams after Ironheart was confirmed to be in development for Disney Plus, but we’ve still got almost another twelve months to go until we see the fan favorite character in live-action for the first time.

Thorne was officially announced for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever earlier this summer, and given that Ryan Coogler’s sequel has been shooting in and around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we can assume that her comic book origins will be kept intact, where she joins a list of MCU alumni to have attended MIT that includes Tony Stark and Killmonger.

Wakanda Forever will serve as our introduction to Riri, but the real building blocks will be set in motion by her solo show, which is likely to be the second streaming exclusive after Armor Wars to operate in the daunting shadow of Tony Stark’s legacy. A new production listing has been making the rounds online that reveals a potential start date for shooting, which you can see below.

That means we won’t be seeing Ironheart on our screens until 2023, but given that we aren’t meeting Riri until November of next year when Wakanda Forever arrives, it makes sense for the show to come after her debut.