Moon Knight Writer Wants To Pen The Gargoyles Reboot


When Disney Plus launched towards the end of last year, a huge amount of both recent and classic content instantly became available to subscribers, including the studio’s entire library of animated classics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Pixar back catalogue, Star Wars, The Simpsons and plenty more.

However, one of the first shows to start trending on social media following the streaming service’s debut wasn’t a mega-budget blockbuster or a family favorite, but a cult cartoon that ran for 78 episodes between 1994 and 1997. Gargoyles is fondly remembered as one of the best animated shows of the era, and has retained a following for over two decades.

With Disney plus now making every episode available to stream instantly, both old and new fans flocked to the series, with a campaign mounting for the Mouse House to revive the series, and rumors soon began swirling that either an animated reboot or perhaps even a live-action movie could potentially be in the works.

The original cast have also been vocal in their support for a Gargoyles revival, and now the writer behind Disney Plus’ upcoming MCU series Moon Knight admits he’d love to take a crack at it. Beau DeMayo, who was also involved in writing Netflix’s smash-hit The Witcher, is a self-confessed fan and admitted in a recent interview that he would be more than happy to offer his services.

“I was probably more excited, and this will probably get me fired, I was more excited to watch Gargoyles when Disney Plus dropped than any other show on there… I’m just saying I should probably, actually, ask around. I thought Jordan Peele was doing something with it, I thought I heard. But come on, how did that air for kids? There is some serious stuff going on in there.”

Jordan Peele was linked to a Gargoyles reboot a couple of years back, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any more, and with all the buzz surrounding the series in recent months, it would be wise for Disney to capitalize on it as soon as possible. Virtually any property with name recognition is getting the reboot treatment these days, and in the right hands, either a live-action or animated update of Gargoyles could turn out to be something pretty special.