Gargoyles Creator Launches Twitter Campaign In Hopes Of Reviving The Show


Ever since it was first announced that Gargoyles would be coming to Disney+, fans have been losing their minds. The launch of the new streaming service yesterday caused the show to trend on Twitter for hours as older generations binged the uncensored version of the series they fell in love with all those years ago. Now, creator Greg Weisman is imploring users to continue watching and talking about the 78 half-hour episodes that he created all those years ago in hopes that he’ll be given the opportunity to revive it.

In his own words:

“We [can] Live Again! #KeepBingingGargoyles on #DisneyPlus!! This is exactly how the #YoungJustice fandom brought YJ back. It can happen to #Gargoyles too!”

He isn’t the only one who’s down for a reboot. Keith David has already expressed his willingness to return if asked and it’s likely that his co-stars think the same way. Now, it’s all up to Disney+. If the demand is high enough, they’ll have no choice but to give the fans what they want. This means that those who want to see additonal episodes are going to have to keep pushing for more.

For those unfamiliar, Gargoyles revolves around beasts who are inadvertently awoken from a thousand-year slumber by a New York City billionaire. As they struggle to adapt to modern times, they befriend a cop named Eliza Maza who helps them fend off threats to both their existence and the world around them.

The show was unlike any other at Disney during that time. It featured a surprisingly dark tone, complex story arcs and Shakespearean themes that appealed to both kids and adults. Though the project only ran for three years, its success inspired a video game adaptation and several comic book series. Hopefully, “reboot” will be added to that list before too long.

Gargoyles is currently available to stream on Disney+ in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.