Marvel’s Private Eye Swings By Chikara Dojo In Another Pair Of Motion Posters For The Defenders


Marvel and Netflix’s promotional blitz for The Defenders continues to motor along at a brisk clip, and over the weekend the show’s official Twitter account unveiled not one, but two neon-drenched motion posters featuring Chikara Dojo and Harlem’s Paradise.

The former is, of course, a martial-arts school located in NYC, one in which Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) educates budding fighters on the deft art of hand-to-hand combat. It’s seemingly piqued the curiosity of Jessica Jones, as down below you’ll find Krysten Ritter’s private eye scoping out the scene. On the other hand, the second motion poster places Danny Rand (AKA the Iron Fist) outside Harlem’s Paradise, and it seems Finn Jones’ billionaire didn’t make the guest list.

Harlem’s Paradise proved to be a fixture of Luke Cage‘s inaugural season. Formerly owned by Cottonmouth, the ensuing death of Mahershala Ali’s cackling big bad has left a power vacuum for Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) and Theo Rossi’s Hernan Alvarez (AKA Shades), both of whom are expected to return for Luke Cage‘s second season.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here’s the latest media blitz for The Defenders:

The battle for New York is about to begin. Three years and four standalone series later and Marvel’s small-screen universe is bigger than ever, and it’ll all culminate when The Defenders premieres on August 18th. It’s by no means the grand finale of Netflix’s superhero slate, though, what with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil all being prepped for new seasons – and that’s before you factor in the Jon Bernthal-fronted Punisher spinoff. Expect the latter to make its bow sometime before the year’s end.

Source: Twitter