Marvel’s What If…? Series Will See Cap As A Zombie


One of the more unknown quantities in regard to Marvel Studios’ upcoming docket is the Disney Plus animated What If…? series. There’ve been a number of teases about the show since it was formally announced, such as Marvel Zombies perhaps having a role in an episode, or that Peggy Carter might become an alternate version of Captain America.

We also know that anyone who played a character in live action will be reprising said role, if only to provide a familiar voice. But past that, nothing much was known. Until now, that is, as during a recent presentation at D23, Marvel’s shed a little more light on what’s going to happen in the show.

Brandon Davis of, who was in attendance at the panel, provided the following play-by-play of events, and they include Peggy Carter becoming a super solider and Cap being a Marvel zombie. We kid you not.

The footage sees Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and several key MCU moments. Jeffrey Wright narrates how time is a [river] of endless possibilities. In animated form, Captain America goes in to get his super soldier transformation, but the room explodes. Star-Lord is someone else. Bucky and Cap fight on a train — because Cap is a Marvel zombie. Peggy Carter gets the super soldier treatment. She is Captain Britain. She stops a car with the shield and flips it over her. The Watcher is shown. Comic panels make-up the What If…? logo with images from episodes.

The series, which takes its cue from a comic of the same name, is clearly not pulling any punching when pondering what could have been in the MCU. And it seems that some of the theories, like Marvel Zombies appearing, were spot on. Others, meanwhile, were a little left of center, as Peggy Carter does get the super soldier serum, but she becomes Captain Britain instead of Captain America.

All in all, this is an interesting path for the MCU to take, and a good way to introduce The Watcher, who’ll be voiced by Jeffrey Wright. They can literally do anything they want to do, and it could lead to some very cool moments that fans wouldn’t otherwise get. Fingers crossed that we see some of the classic stories from the comics get the Marvel’s What if…? treatment, too. After all, the world needs to see the Incredible Hulk rip out Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton.