Matt Damon and cryptocurrency among ‘South Park’ season 25 targets

South Park.

Long-running irreverent Comedy Central show South Park returned with all new episodes for the first time since 2019 this week.

The show previously took a break due to the pandemic, but it was back with a vengeance in an episode that skewered Matt Damon and cryptocurrency all in one. The episode was called “Pajama Day”, and involved the boys losing the privilege to wear pajamas to school and the chaos that ensues, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

There’s a running joke in the episode that plays off off Damon’s recent crypto commercial where he compares investing in crypto to various human milestones over the years, one that saw the actor mercilessly trolled on social media.

matt damon crypto commercial

This isn’t the first time South Park park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have gone after Damon, and it probably won’t be the last. They mocked him heavily in the 2004 movie Team America, creating a puppet that could only say its own name and nothing else.

Even after a quarter of a century, nothing remains safe from the scorn of South Park. As the 2011 documentary 6 Days to Air showed, the creative team put each new episode together in less than a week, and the ability to skewer the latest social and political goings-on has helped keep the long-running series at the forefront of satirical relevance, as Damon has once again discovered to his detriment.