First Look At Matt Ryan As Constantine In Arrow Season 4

Arrow Constantine

When Constantine was cancelled by NBC, there was talk of the series potentially ending up on The CW. Unfortunately, that didn’t come to fruition, and the show failed to find a home elsewhere. Thankfully though, we haven’t seen the last of Matt Ryan’s John Constantine, as he’s set to appear in the fifth episode of Arrow‘s fourth season.

A first look at him in the series has now been revealed, while Ryan has also commented on joining Arrow for this one off appearance. For starters, he addressed what exactly brings John to Star City:

“There is not much that I can say about the plot. There is a little history between them.…I would not say that they are friends. I would say that they are acquaintances who have a past. John owes him.”

Hopefully that’s going to be explored in this episode’s flashbacks, but even more exciting than that is, of course, the fact that we’ll see the demon hunter interacting with Team Arrow.

“John knows that there are worlds beyond our world, and he is used to dealing with these things on a day-to-day basis. So bringing him into a scenario with a group of people who have never witnessed anything like this is just fascinating. And John is an arrogant bugger too, so they are a little bit thrown off by him. You know, he’s the guy who will give the finger to the devil. So you have this arrogant, trench-coat-wearing guy…and Oliver Queen. It’s great!”

When it was first announced that Constantine would be showing up in Arrow, it was said that it will only be a one off appearance. Hopefully that’s not the case, but with a Justice League Dark movie on the cards, chances are that we won’t be seeing him again.

Either way, it’s still pretty damn cool that he’ll be making an appearance in what is so far shaping up to be Arrow‘s best season to date.