Matt Ryan Wants Constantine/King Shark Relationship On Legends Of Tomorrow


Constantine was seriously underrated and Matt Ryan is the best live-action version of the character we’ve ever seen (sorry Keanu). While his solo show might have only lasted a single season, Ryan’s Constantine has thankfully since become a key part of The CW’s Arrowverse and is now a member of Legends of Tomorrow‘s main cast.

Yesterday, the series was the subject of a panel at the virtual Wizard World convention and the cast was asked who else they’d pick from the DC Universe to appear in the show. Ryan jumped in and said:

“King Shark. Only because, it might not connect, but in the Justice League Dark: Apokolips War animation, John Constantine turns around and says he had a relationship with King Shark, and I just think that’s so funny.”

For too long we’ve been deprived of a man/shark romantic pairing on network TV, so I’m with Ryan on this. We need to see John Constantine and King Shark canoodling on Legends of Tomorrow immediately.

This wouldn’t even be that hard to pull off. King Shark has previously appeared on The Flash, where he was voiced by Metal Gear Solid actor and Warrior Nun writer David Hayter. The character began as a villain but went through a long redemptive arc, eventually battling Gorilla Grodd and helping to save Central City. We last saw him back in custody, having permanently sacrificed his humanity to remain in shark form. What better way to continue his story than to bring him back for a full-on love story with everyone’s favorite cynical magician?

The upcoming sixth season of Legends of Tomorrow looks set to feature the heroes battling aliens and potentially heading into outer space. Right now, we don’t know exactly when it’ll air, but it’ll be sometime in 2021. Here’s hoping for more details soon.