Matt Smith Says Jodie Whittaker Will Be The Best Doctor


There may be some fans out there who have misgivings about their hero becoming a woman, but the cast of Doctor Who have been overwhelmingly positive about Jodie Whittaker being selected as the Thirteenth Doctor. Past stars like Christopher Eccleston, David TennantColin Baker and Karen Gillan have all heaped praise on the Broadchurch actress since she was revealed to have nabbed the coveted part back in July, and most fans seem to be on board with the decision, too.

Speaking to The Anglophile Channel, the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, added in his own two cents as well and, unsurprisingly, he’s over the moon with Whittaker’s casting.

“She’ll be brilliant. She’s a brilliant actress, a great person. She’s warm, intelligent, charming and funny, I think she’s everything you need for the show. I’m so excited, I simply cannot wait. She’s gonna be the best.”

As Smith had to dash off immediately after saying his piece, we’re not sure if he actually means that he thinks Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation will be the best Doctor ever. If he does, though, it wouldn’t be the first time one of the other Doctors has predicted that Whittaker will rise to the top of the pack. When asked who his favourite Doctor was recently, outgoing Time Lord Peter Capaldi answered with Jodie Whittaker’s name.

Smith’s positive comments also gel with what he’s said before about the actress’ casting. In fact, he and Whittaker are good pals and, once he found out that she was playing his old role, The Crown star immediately sent the new Doctor a voicemail message to congratulate her.

Thankfully, fans haven’t got too long to go now until they get their first glimpse of Whittaker in the TARDIS, as she’s set to appear for a brief cameo in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special. Unfortunately though, once that’s out the way, her first full season in the role won’t arrive until late 2018.

Source: Youtube

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