Jodie Whittaker Is Peter Capaldi’s Favorite Doctor


When you ask someone who their favorite Doctor is, names like David Tennant, Matt Smith and Tom Baker usually come up quite often. And that’s completely understandable given how well each of those individuals did in the iconic role. One name who you probably won’t hear, though, is Jodie Whittaker, as the actress has yet to make her debut on Doctor Who. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s without her supporters, as Peter Capaldi has now revealed that the Broadchucrch star is actually his favorite version of the character to date.

Set to make her first appearance on the sci-fi show during the upcoming Christmas special, aptly titled “Twice Upon a Time,” Whittaker is the first female Doctor and ever since her casting was announced, it’s created quite a bit of discussion and controversy amongst the show’s passionate fanbase. The general consensus, though, seems to be one of excitement, and already, several key figures from Doctor Who have sung her praises, leading us to believe that she’ll make a big impact later this year.

Now, Peter Capaldi has come forth to crown Whittaker as his favorite Doctor yet. Speaking at a convention this past weekend, the actor dropped her name when asked by a fan which Doctor he likes the best. He admitted that he hasn’t actually seen her in action, but we imagine that he was probably involved in the casting process and has a pretty good idea of what Whittaker will do with the role. That, or he’s just got a good feeling about the actress. Either way, we’re pleased to see him throwing his support behind her.

As mentioned above, Doctor Who will be back on our screens this festive season with the premiere of “Twice Upon a Time.” It’s poised to be an emotional gut-punch, too, what with the long-anticipated transition (read: regeneration process) that will result in Capaldi passing the torch over to the incoming Whittaker.

She’s already been roundly endorsed by the BBC, Steven MoffatDavid Tennant, Capaldi, the overwhelming majority of Who fans, and many more, but what are your thoughts on her casting? Do let us know.

Source: Radio Times