Steven Moffat Says Jodie Whittaker’s First Doctor Who Scenes Are “Great”


Steven Moffat might be officially out of the loop now, but being a former showrunner of Doctor Who still has its advantages. Just like former star Matt Smith was able to needle the identity of the new Doctor from the BBC, Moffat has been sent Jodie Whittaker’s first scenes in the role.

He revealed this fact, which is sure to make fans everywhere foam with jealousy, in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magzine (via Radio Times), where he wrote:

“Jodie Whittaker – what an amazing, thrilling, brand new choice. Like all of you, I’ve been poring over every picture, examining every performance, searing her into my brain. I see her face when I close my eyes. I now think she’s been the Doctor for 20 years! Remember that little announcement film? Fills me with nostalgia.”

“Her very first performance as the Doctor is in the can. And here’s the thing. The rushes were sent to me! The new Doctor in action for the very first time. Oh, the temptation.”

It turns out that when Moffat got his hands on the new Doctor’s first scenes he had a bit of a crisis, as for the first time since 2010, he wasn’t in command of Doctor Who – something which seems to have hit him pretty hard.

“But I steeled myself. Not my Doctor, not my show, not any more. Strictly Chris’ business. It was time to be an industry professional, respectful of his colleagues, not a drooling fanboy. Never, in all my years, has me self-discipline been so tested.”

Moffat then casually added:

“She was great, by the way.”

The rest of us mere mortals will have to wait until Christmas to see Jodie Whitaker enter the world of Doctor Who, as she’s likely to appear in the final scene of the special, titled “Twice Upon A Time,” after Peter Capaldi’s Doctor regenerates. For a taste of what’s to come, check out the promo below.

Source: Radio Times