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MCU fans are going nuts over Jameela Jamil’s photoshoot as Titania

Jameela is pretty much the living embodiment of Titania by this point.

She Hulk by Titania
Image via Disney Plus

Ever since her reappearance in the latest episode of She-Hulk, fans are going nuts over Jameela Jamil‘s recent photoshoot as the super-powered influencer Titania. What’s particularly hilarious about this is that Jamil has been vocal about ‘unsafe’ beauty products in the past.

The actress posted a photo of her kneeling, with the caption “Praying that bitch gets what’s coming to her…” as she continues to embody her MCU character. The photo was shared hours after episode five was released on Disney Plus, and fans showed their support for this Titania despite the character being in the wrong.

In the original comics, Titania and She-Hulk had a long rivalry with each other, even past the events of Secret Wars. Fans on r/MarvelStudios noticed how Jamil has been obsessed with the green female superhero on social media. And while it’s not the same compared to the original source material, fans are glad that Jamil understood the character she played in the show.

Meanwhile, fans are keen to know more about Titania as most villains in the MCU have an origin story. We barely know much about this character, except that she’s famous online. Some have also begun trying to theorize Titania’s origin based on the existing information seen in the show.

This Instagram post isn’t the first time Jamil appeared in public as her MCU character. Before episode five’s release, Jamil was seen on the streets of New York as she promoted the upcoming episode. And after the release of episode one of the new Marvel series, she vandalized the She-Hulk posters by spray painting the word ‘Titania’ on them.

Jamil is the living embodiment of Titania, and it is clear that fans want more of her girlboss energy. You can see more of Jamil as Titania in the latest episode of She-Hulk that’s now available on Disney Plus.

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