MCU fans celebrate one year of ‘Loki’ and swear it’s still the best Marvel show

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This June 9 marks a full year since Loki premiered on Disney Plus. It’s no surprise that Tom Hiddleston’s trickster was one of the first Marvel characters to get his own streaming series. Thor’s mischievous brother has been one of the MCU’s most beloved breakouts since his debut in 2011. Sure enough, his TV spinoff earned itself a devoted fanbase, with a lot of folks still believing it to be the best of Marvel’s D+ offerings 12 months later.

With Loki’s first anniversary coming around, fans have taken to Twitter to remember what they loved about the show, from Hiddleston’s terrific leading performance to his brilliant chemistry with both Sophia Di Martino’s female Loki variant Sylvie and Owen Wilson’s Mobius, the TVA (Time Variance Authority) agent who ended up becoming the Asgardian’s unexpected BFF.

One fan account took to Twitter to observe the anniversary with some choice photos.

Another fan site declared “What an incredible year it has been!” since its launch.

Another fan celebrated with a choice meme.

Loki is firmly entrenched as the favorite Marvel show for many.

Oh, and let’s not forget the majesty of mascots herself, Miss Minutes.

Let’s blame Kang for how fast the time has gone by.

It’s also been one year since this standout scene that a Thor fan account shared.

Another fan declared a moment of appreciation for just how good Hiddleston was in this series.

Has any other Marvel show managed to top Loki‘s first episode?

The other great thing about Loki is that, unlike WandaVision and possibly a few other MCU series, it’s set to return for a second season. The season one finale blew up the status quo, as Sylvie’s assassination of He Who Remains caused Kang to takeover the timeline, somehow erasing Loki himself from existence, meaning Mobius no longer recognized him. It’s unclear just how long we’ll have to wait to find out what happens next, but it’s believed that filming actually just got underway in the UK this week. So another batch of episodes sometime in 2023 sounds plausible.

For the moment, relive the six-part season of Loki now by streaming it on Disney Plus.

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