MCU fans debate if there should be more or less Disney Plus content

Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has delivered what it promised on Disney Plus. While individual mileage may vary, we’ve enjoyed practically everything they’ve released to some degree. Even better is that their recent efforts seem to be improving, with Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel a cut above the 2021 releases. That has to bode well for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s premiere tomorrow, so here’s to that winning streak continuing.

But fans have a bone to pick with the Disney Plus shows, though fortunately, it’s the most positive complaint they could make: there simply isn’t enough of them. That dissatisfaction is currently being discussed on r/MarvelStudios, where they’re debating quantity vs quality.

At the core of the argument is that the majority of Disney Plus’ Marvel shows consist of six-episode seasons, with each individual episode coming in at around 45 minutes. A decent amount of that is taken up with studio logos, title sequences, recaps, and credits, ultimately meaning that we get around 35 minutes of new content each week.

Fans are craving a longer experience, as right now a season of a Disney Plus show adds up to not much more than a movie. However, the top-voted reply is the most sensible, that “the right quantity is however many it takes to tell the story”. As a response says, perhaps WandaVision could have used a little less time, with Moon Knight a little more?

Fortunately, there’s light on the horizon. Disney Plus’ Daredevil revival will boast a massive 18 episodes, which should indicate an expansive story with space to spread its legs. More isn’t always better, but we’d love to see the right shows being given a bit more time to shine.