MCU fans find West Coast Avengers hint in debut ‘Hawkeye’ episodes

Earlier today, Marvel aired their first pair of episodes from the highly anticipated Hawkeye series. As you’d expect, fans have been scouring through the series finding easter eggs and hints and what could be coming next in the MCU.

In first two episodes, Kate Bishop dons the Ronin outfit to help escape from a robbery at an illegal auction, and in doing so puts a target on her back with goons out hunting for her. With the goal of getting his old suit back, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) heads out to find Bishop and reclaim the suit and helps her find safety away from the Tracksuit Mafia.

Where the pair wind up taking refuge is an apartment owned by Bishop’s aunty Moira Brandon. The name might not be familiar to all MCU fans, but for comic book readers, it could be a huge clue.

As one fan pointed out on social media, Moira Brandon is the name of the actress who sold her estate to the West Coast Avengers. For this group of heroes, Brandon’s estate became their main base. The character also was the only honorary member of the West Coast Avengers after dying while saving Hawkeye and his comic book wife, Mockingbird.

While this may just be a fun easter egg, its inclusion could hint at a future West Coast Avengers roster coming together. It would make sense as other potential Young Avengers members have been introduced in other MCU series.

For now, fans will have to keep watching Hawkeye as it airs and see if there are any further hints of a West Coast Avengers team joining the MCU in the future.

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