MCU Fans Freaking Out Over Black Panther Disney Plus Spinoff


When Kevin Feige said a while back that you’d need a Disney Plus subscription to keep fully up to date with the latest happenings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he might have been underselling it a little bit. Since first announcing his plans for the world’s most popular franchise to expand onto television, no less than fourteen small screen exclusives have been confirmed, and there are probably even more in the earliest stages of development behind the scenes.

Ryan Coogler is the latest to throw his hat into the ring, with the Black Panther director working on a Kingdom of Wakanda spinoff for the Mouse House’s streaming service as part of a five-year deal that his Proximity Media company signed with Disney. And as one of the most culturally and commercially successful blockbusters of the modern era with a built-in mythology that’s barely been explored in live-action, you can understand why the news has gone down a storm with fans.

After all, not many Best Picture nominees receive their own spinoff TV shows, and as you can see from the reactions below, MCU supporters are over the moon at the prospect of getting to spend a whole lot more time in the fictional African nation.

Having only been confirmed yesterday, there’s obviously not a lot of information available on Kingdom of Wakanda, although an educated guess would indicate that it won’t go into production until either after Black Panther 2 has finished shooting or hit the big screen in July 2022. Before that happens, though, there’s still plenty of MCU content on the way to Disney Plus as the long-running superhero series continues to reassert itself as the biggest game in town.