MCU Fans Hate John Walker More Than Ever After This Week’s Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Wyatt Russell has clearly been doing a phenomenal job as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s John Walker, based entirely on how much Marvel Cinematic Universe fans hate the guy. The death threats may have been several steps too far, but the actor has fully embraced how much his mere presence irritates audiences to the point that he’s flattered by it.

It’s not just about replacing Chris Evans under the star-spangled costume, because the role could easily be little more than a mildly inconvenient supporting character in the wrong hands. So far, Walker has been depicted as something of a self-important asshole despite also being portrayed as a guy trying to do the right thing and live up to the expectations that surround him, which isn’t an easy balance to strike for an actor.

However, he had a very bad time of it this week. After ruining Sam’s attempt to talk down the Flag Smashers, he swiped a vial of super soldier serum for himself and after his partner Battlestar was killed in action, the government’s hand-picked Captain America proceeded to bludgeon a man to death with the iconic shield in full view of the public. Naturally, The Falcon and the Winter soldier viewers had plenty to say on the matter, as you can see from the reactions below.

Walker has had the most fascinating arc to follow by far, and it’ll be exciting to see how it plays out from here. After all, Captain America just murdered a guy in the street, but he’s also got superpowers now, and one of the main driving forces behind The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been how the formula amplifies and almost always corrupts its subjects.