MCU Fans Are Freaking Out Over Abomination’s Return In She-Hulk


Disney dumped a ton of Marvel news this week, with various exciting announcements made about the upcoming MCU TV series headed to Disney Plus. One of those on the way is She-Hulkstarring Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner who inherits his anger issues after he gives her a blood transfusion to save her life. Mark Ruffalo has been confirmed to be reprising his role as Hulk in the show, and in a surprise twist, so has Tim Roth as Abomination.

Roth was last seen in the MCU way back in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, facing off against Edward Norton’s Jade Giant as Emil Blonsky, who gets Samuel Sterns to infect him with Banner’s blood, turning him into the monstrous villain. Hulk beat him in a brawl in Harlem at the end of the movie, with Blonsky incarcerated afterwards, but now he’s set to escape and cause havoc once again.

Of all the villains in the franchise’s past who could return, we weren’t expecting Abomination, so fans are extremely hyped for his comeback in She-Hulk. And here are just a few of the reactions going around on social media.

He’s back!

It is kinda cool.

We’ve been waiting 12 years.

Roth when he got the call from Kevin Feige:

Fingers crossed that Tim Blake Nelson’s coming back as The Leader, too.

That Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. foreshadowing is finally paying off.

They’ve got a point!


With Abomination returning, it seems a lot like She-Hulk is going to be somewhat of an Incredible Hulk 2. Infamously, Marvel couldn’t make a sequel due to complicated rights issues with Universal, so doing a She-Hulk show that’s a backdoor follow-up to the 2008 movie is a smart way of getting around that.

Tell us, though, are you excited for She-Hulk? Join the conversation in the comments section down below.