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MCU fans pitch ideas for new episodes of ‘What If…?’

With zero limitations, fans discuss possible 'What If...?' episodes they wish they could see in the upcoming season.

Last year saw Marvel’s What If…? hit Disney Plus, with series was seemingly comprised of standalone stories, at least until an overriding arc pulled them all together at the very end.

The first season was a critical success for the superhero franchise, as fans enjoyed seeing these new and interesting rewrites for their favorite characters in a fun animated format. Many of the alternate realities were bleak, with harrowing endings heartbreak all around, but there was plenty of humor to be found, especially in the upbeat installments like T’Challa’s turn as Star-Lord, or Thanos debating whether eliminating half all life was really the best course of action.

Some of these variants are already making their way into live-action, with Captain Carter having appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and there could be more to come. Now that Marvel has the multiverse at its disposal, characters and stories created within What If…? have every chance of coming to life on the big screen.

With season two set to arrive this year, fans have taken to Reddit to suggest their own alternate timeline ideas, and some of them are fantastic. One thread starts with a user offering multiple suggestions that, should they happen, would definitely change the story in a big way.

The post leads to further embellishment from other fans.

Or adding their own lists.

One user starts heading perhaps too far down the “what if” rabbit hole.

This user wants What If…? to head further back into the past.

Another thread on Reddit wants to include the more recent additions to the MCU, and a change that would certainly shake things up.

Some voiced their agreement that this would be an interesting choice.

As usual with the internet, some arguing about the feasibility of the hypothetical idea occurs.

And of course, those that lurk out their behind their screens pop up to add useful contributions.

Ignoring trolls for a second, there are literally an infinite number of stories to tell, and with the way Marvel is going, you would think it was trying to tell every single one of them, but fans will just have to watch to see what happens next.

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