MCU fans wonder if ‘Moon Knight’ was really as “loud and brutal” as Kevin Feige promised

Marvel / Disney Plus

In the weeks leading up to release, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige was busy hyping up Moon Knight in interviews. He described the show as “loud and brutal”, that it wouldn’t pull back from showing violence, and that it marks a “tonal shift” for the MCU.

Now that the dust (sand?) has settled, fans on r/MarvelStudios are debating whether Moon Knight was actually that brutal. For one, the relationship between Steven Grant and Marc Spector was often treated as a goofy odd couple, with Oscar Isaac taking inspiration from British comedy shows to play the amusingly timid Grant.

For another, the fight scenes weren’t really all that different from what we’ve seen elsewhere in the MCU. Perhaps it’s unfair to compare them to Netflix’s Daredevil or The Punisher, but they were in line with the action with more grounded stories like The Winter Soldier.

But fans correctly point out that “dark” doesn’t necessarily equal blood, guts, and graphic violence. The show seriously explored topics like a (very broadly) realistic mental health crisis, recovering from past child abuse, guilt at Spector’s murderous past, and even suicidal thoughts.

After the barnstorming first season Moon Knight fans are desperate for confirmation that more is coming, though we haven’t heard a peep from Marvel Studios either way. We have to believe we’ll see Oscar Isaac in the MCU again, as it’d be too cruel to finally unveil Jake Lockley in the credits scene and then never follow up on him.

Here’s hoping we get an announcement soon, as those that are sad that we never got to see the show cut loose may see their dreams fulfilled when Lockley takes center stage.

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney Plus.