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MCU fans wonder what happened to ‘Armor Wars’

The Marvel Studios show was mysteriously missing from San Diego Comic-Con.

Don Cheadle

Marvel fans had plenty of exciting news to indulge in thanks to the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but it seems one show was left out of the action, the upcoming Disney Plus series Armor Wars.

Since it was first announced, news of Armor Wars has been scarce and the show was missing entirely from the updated slate of Marvel releases through phase five. Of course, with no mention fans have begun wondering whether or not the show has been scrapped entirely.

Marvel Studios shared many projects from their slate running through until 2025, but no mention of Armor Wars was present. The show has been a hot topic on social media since the panel concluded with fans demanding answers.

Thankfully, while Marvel has given no word, Armor Wars head writer Yassir Lester has taken to social media sharing a brief statement to the relief of fans.

It would seem odd that Marvel would have scrapped the project without any word as last month it was reported that the show will begin filming in Fall. Outside of this, there has been little to no news about when the show could potentially arrive on Disney Plus.

Armor Wars will see Don Cheadle appear in the leading role alongside the rumored return of Marvel villains from previous films.

Given the lack of information and timeline if filming is to start in Fall, fans shouldn’t expect to see Armor Wars arrive until 2023 at the earliest or potentially in 2024. In the meantime, fans will need to sit tight and wait for official news.

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