MCU lovers shower praise on the one Marvel villain who actually managed to stay dead

MCU Villains
Image via Marvel Studios / Remix by Apeksha Bagchi

When it comes to fantasy films, death is a fickle concept, and when it’s the MCU we’re talking about, staying dead is a novelty only afforded to a few. Forget the heroes, even villains of the ever-expanding universe refuse to stay down. How many times have we bid Loki farewell for good, only for the God of Mischief to come bouncing back with another evil scheme in tow? Thor beheaded the OG Thanos but ended up fighting the alternate version of the Titan once again. Killmonger, who is technically dead, marked his presence in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Apparently, Marvel villains can’t remain dead, save for one who bit the dust and is seemingly staying there — the supervillain Kilgrave aka Purple Man

Played with terrifying perfection by the exceptional David Tenant, Purple Man appeared as Jessica Jones’ nemesis in the titular Marvel series. Having the ability to control people’s minds at will, he was a dangerous adversary who became all the more unhinged after his obsession and twisted love for Jones faced her betrayal. He eventually met his end when Jones snapped his neck. 

Interestingly, even though he is one of the most beloved MCU villains, the character has not made a comeback, either by miraculously rising from the dead or making his presence known via other mediums, after all, what is stopping an alternate Purple Man to wreak havoc in his reality? But while villains like Loki, Ultron, Red Skull, etc., keep reappearing in the MCU, it has been years since we last saw Purple Man in the flesh, and the fandom has made it apparent that he still retains his status as a fan-favorite. 

In fact, for some, he is their least favorite villain because he was so good at being evil. 

Some even have a well-planned fantasy in mind for his return. 

And it’s true. With Kang — armed with the ability to rewrite existence and shatter timelines — set to dominate the MCU for the foreseeable future and Daredevil on his way to get his own show, Purple Man re-entering the MCU doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Rumors teasing Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones’ involvement in Daredevil: Born Again have paved the way for speculations about Purple Man’s plausible return. Though Marvel would be undoing a very crucial point in Jones’ journey if they bring Kilgrave back, we would be lying if we say we aren’t looking forward to seeing the deranged supervillain unleashed on the world again.