MCU Theory Explains How Hawkeye Could Lead To Jessica Jones Return

Jessica Jones

Much like her fellow former Netflix residents Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon Bernthal, Krysten Ritter has regularly been touted for a return to main Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity as Jessica Jones, and she isn’t averse to the idea by any means.

With the multiverse now in play, the franchise could just as easily introduce completely new versions of the Defenders roster played by the same actors, or simply parachute them in without explanation and take it in good faith that audiences would know who they were.

Cox and D’Onofrio have become regular subjects of the Hawkeye rumor mill, and a new theory from The Cosmic Circus explains how the festive Disney Plus series could also serve as the basis for the head of Alias Investigations. New merch revealed that a company named Bishop Security would factor into the plot somehow, which is presumably where Vera Farmiga factors in as Kate Bishop’s mother Eleanor.

As per the theory, in the comic books Kate became a private investigator at one stage, which could be tied to Bishop Security. Not only that, but she even teams up with Jessica Jones to solve a case for her agency, so it wouldn’t take too much of a narrative leap to have her cross paths with Ritter as two P.I’s working the same mystery who end up bumping into each other.

It won’t be happening in Hawkeye, that much we can virtually guarantee, but it’s nonetheless an interesting theory that could see a door cracked open for Jessica Jones to ultimately walk through later on down the line.