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Krysten Ritter Says She Would Play Jessica Jones Again “In A Flash”

It looks like Krysten Ritter is eager to return to the MCU.

Jessica Jones

As of earlier this year, the rights to all of Netflix’s canceled MCU shows reverted back to Marvel, meaning it is now possible for the studio to do what they like with the Defenders. Obviously, fans are hoping we’ll see many of the same actors brought back to reprise their roles. Everyone wants Charlie Cox to return as Daredevil, for instance, with it pretty much confirmed that he is at this point. But what about Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones?

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There’s been less talk about what plans Marvel could have for the Alias Investigations P.I., but it certainly sounds like Ritter would jump at the chance to play her again if she was approached. While speaking with ScreenRant to promote her new Netflix movie, family horror Nightbooks, Ritter stressed that she’d portray Jessica again “in a flash”, both because she loves the character so much and is aware of how much she means to people.

“I would absolutely just die to play Jessica again,” Ritter revealed. “I had the best time doing it and I just love her so much. I’m so proud of that character. Not only because it was like a great role and she’s such a bad-ass, but that character has really resonated with people in a way that I don’t know who else has. Really, really resonated with women and girls, trauma survivors. It’s just so, so big and such a thing I’m so grateful to have been a part of. So if there’s ever an opportunity for me to put on those boots, I will be there in a flash.”

Jessica Jones concluded in June 2019 with the release of its third season. As with all the canceled shows, it somewhat wrapped up its hero’s storyline but there’s plenty more to explore with the character if Marvel does elect to invite Ritter back. Seeing as she’s so keen to, hopefully Kevin Feige and company have something up their sleeves. Likewise, Jon Bernthal is also open to doing more with the Punisher and Mike Colter has admitted he never got “closure” for Luke Cage, who he last played in a cameo in the Jessica Jones season 3 finale.

The only one pretty much ruled out to return is Finn Jones as Iron Fist, with it seeming likely that Marvel is working on rebooting Danny Rand. The first time one of the Defenders could reappear in the MCU could be Cox’s reported cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, hitting theaters this December 17th.