Medusa Sets Her Hair On Maximus In New Clip From Marvel’s Inhumans


Since our first glimpse at the character a few months back, fans have criticized the look of Medusa in Marvel’s Inhumans TV show. As played by Serinda Swan, the Inhuman queen’s red locks were mocked for appearing like a cheap wig and their poorly computer-generated movement in the series’ trailer didn’t instil much hope, either.

In this new clip from the show, however, we have our best look yet at Medusa’s hair in action. The special effects used to bring it to life are still not quite perfect, but you have to cut Marvel and ABC some slack here. They only have a TV budget to work with and this is the first time the difficult character has ever been realized on screen before. The best thing fans can do, then, is to just see how it plays out in the show.

The footage above depicts a confrontation between Medusa and her husband Black Bolt’s scheming brother, Maximus. In case you didn’t get that he was a bad’un from his plan to usurp his brother’s throne, here he’s shown creepily attempting to seduce his brother’s wife. Medusa isn’t having any of it, though, and quickly deals with him thanks to the aid of her snake-like hair.

While it’s clear that Maximus is a loathsome character, it’s interesting that Iwan Rheon doesn’t necessarily see him as an outright villain. After all, the former Game of Thrones actor has previously spoken about how he perceives Maximus as “a man of the people.” You keep telling yourself that, Iwan…

With Iron Fist helmer Scott Buck in the showrunner’s chair and the divided reaction to the trailers released so far, it’s tough to say how Inhumans will be received when it lands in September. Let’s hope the unique release of the first two episodes in IMAX cinemas from September 1st will help launch it in a massive way, ahead of the full season’s airing beginning on September 26th on ABC.