Meet Joy in the new official teaser for Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’


Horror fans are getting familiar with Joy in the new teaser trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of Resident Evil.

The new sneak peek at the eerie series plays well on the irony of manufactured joy and those seemingly-terrifying warning labels on “miracle” drugs. Happiness will come at a high cost in Resident Evil, and an incredibly eerie one as well.

“Joy can be a miracle pill, an antidepressant that cures OCD, lowers anxiety, and increases focus, but the drug contains the T-virus, and the T-virus can make monsters.”

Of course, those warning labels alone won’t be able to stop the madness and mayhem that come for Racoon City when the T-virus is unleashed and the world turns upside down. While the synopsis is mainly kept under wraps, we know that Netflix will tell the story within two timelines: 2022 — yes, the year that the T-virus caused the zombie apocalypse in Raccoon City, and over a decade later, in 2036 in London.

Showrunner Andrew Dabb tells EW that the games are the backstory for the Netflix series — in every way.

“The games are our backstory. Everything that happens in the games exists in this world. We may not get there until season 5, but it is in our world. As we’re moving ahead and talking about scripts for season 2, the village is a resource we can draw on.”

Fans of Resident Evil are no strangers to monsters within the video games and the existing franchise — and the blood, gore, and destruction are at an all-time high in the Netflix series.

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