Melissa Benoist Discusses Her Role As Supergirl Ahead Of Winter Finale

supergirl s1e8

Hot on the heels of an episode that got everyone talking, expectations are high for the winter finale of Supergirl, which happens to be titled “Hostile Takeover.” The episode will see Kara go toe-to-toe with her villainous aunt, Astra, and follow Cat Grant as she deals with a hacking scandal, which seems highly reminiscent of what was going on in the world a year ago at this time. Fans should also keep their eyes peeled as Chris Vance will debut as Non, a villain everyone should remember from Superman II.

Recently, DC Comics caught up with Melissa Benoist, Supergirl herself, to discuss what it means to play the iconic character. Here’s what she had to say when asked what was challenging about playing a character who has a dual identity:

I don’t know. It’s rather challenging to bounce back and forth between all of those traits, but for me personally, because I tend to be shy and weird and more toward Kara Danvers, it can be challenging to be in the fight scenes and be authoritative. I have to remind myself “shoulders back and be strong,” and maybe lower my voice, my register. So, that’s a little more challenging than some of the other scenes.

Benoist also spoke briefly on one of the key relationships on the show: that of Kara and her sister, Alex (played by Chyler Leigh), whom she also works with at the DEO:

Their relationship is my absolute favorite, hands down. Chyler is incredible and it’s hard to pinpoint how their relationship… It’s so complicated, the way female relationships can be, especially between sisters, and that’s what’s so beautiful about it. You will only see their love and their bond get stronger and more unbreakable.

The pressure that comes with being a role model is not lost on her, which she is not afraid to address:

Oh, sure there is and I think that’s the driving force behind her. That makes it easy because I always know what to fall back on when I’m playing Supergirl, but it doesn’t exclude the emotions you guys saw in [the Red Tornado] episode—she does get angry, she does have flaws. But what ultimately is the most important about her is that she always finds the silver lining. She always finds a way to be heroic and good and pure at heart. So, there’s a pressure, but it’s something that’s kind of constant about her that I rely on.

Be sure to watch the winter finale of Supergirl tonight at 8:00 pm EST on CBS to see what’s next for the Last Daughter of Krypton.