Melissa Benoist Explains How Supergirl And Batwoman Are Similar


One of the big hooks for the upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover is the much-anticipated Arrowverse debut of Batwoman, as played by Ruby Rose, before she gets her own series next fall. It should be a lot of fun to see Kate Kane get to know the Arrowverse trinity of Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), the Flash (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl, and though we’ve yet to hear much about how the boys will get on with Batwoman, Melissa Benoist explained during a recent Supergirl set visit that her character and Rose’s find a lot of common ground.

For starters, they’re both cousins to famous heroes, with the actress explaining the following:

“Their scenes are really nice because of their similarities. Kate Kane is Bruce Wayne’s cousin and all these things, so they really relate on a lot of levels that I don’t think Kara’s found yet in another female superhero. There’s a really deep understanding from the get-go between the two of them.”

DC comics readers will be interested to hear that Kate’s familial relationship to Bruce Wayne has been carried over to the Arrowverse. Not that this means we should prepare an appearance from ol’ Batsy, though. We previously learned that, in the shows’ timeline, Batman has disappeared and Gotham’s gone to seed in his absence – so it’s up to Kate to step up and become the city’s new dark knight.

A common fan theory suggested that Supergirl and Batwoman were also going to be from the same Earth – Earth-38 – though recent evidence has made it clear that the latter will hail from the regular Earth-1 instead. As such, don’t expect a lot of crossover between the two heroines once Kate Kane gets her own spinoff.

Do expect one of the biggest Arrowverse crossovers we’ve ever seen in “Elseworlds” though, starring a whole host of familiar and fresh faces. And it all kicks off with The Flash on Sunday, December 9th and continues over the next two nights with Arrow and Supergirl.