Michelle Gomez Wants To Return To Doctor Who And Face Jodie Whittaker


2017 was truly the end of an era for Doctor Who. Not only did the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, exit the show, but so too did longtime showurnner Steven Moffat. Seeing as her Doctor and the man who first brought her on board were departing, Michelle Gomez – who’s played the female Master Missy since 2014 – decided to step down from the world of Who as well.

However, the character could still one day return, as the actress has now suggested – and not for the first time – that she’d be open to doing more of the hit BBC series and bringing Missy back to our screens. Talking to Radio Times, here’s what Gomez had to share when asked if she’d still be interested in returning.

“Oh gosh, yeah, of course I would,” she told the outlet. “I’d love to have a little run-around with [Jodie].

“I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen, but I’m completely open to it and I’d love to see Missy come back in and just get to play her again.

“I don’t know how that’s going to work, but I’m open to offers.”

As fans will know, Gomez was last on Doctor Who in the season 10 finale “The Doctor Falls,” which left things in a very final place for her character. After at last deciding to stand with the Doctor and do some good, she was tragically shot in the back by her younger self (played by John Simm). Her ability to regenerate had been suspended, too, so when we last saw her, she had seemingly died in the snow.

That being said, this is the Master we’re talking about, someone who’s survived certain deaths on many occasions over the course of the show. With that in mind, we’re sure that one of the Doctor’s greatest opponents will reappear at some point in the future, but the big question is, will it be Michelle Gomez in the role when it happens?

Time will tell, but it’s nice to hear that the actress is still interested in doing more Doctor Who and we can only hope that the BBC has plans to bring her back at some point. Fingers crossed, eh?

Source: Radio Times