Mike Colter Drops Some New Luke Cage Details


After being introduced during Jessica Jones, the Luke Cage character will be getting his own solo Marvel/Netflix series sometime in 2016, with Mike Colter reprising the role.

The actor has already spilled a few details about what we’re in store for, but during a new interview with the L.A. Times, he speaks in-depth about some of the things we can expect to see, including how the overall tone will differ from Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

“Luke Cage” is going to have soul, it’s going to have intensity, it’s going to have dark parts to it. I think what’s going to make it unique is also the musicality of it. There’s going to be a musical taste that you found a little bit in “Jessica.” It defines itself through sound that you can feel when you’re watching the scenes, whether it’s something that’s actually a song that they’re playing or actually just the pulse of the music that they choose thematically.

“Luke Cage” is going to define itself in that way, and it’s going to define itself in the locations that we’re doing. It’s no secret that you’re going to find Luke Cage uptown after the [“Jessica Jones”] series is over, so the things that happen to him and Jessica will affect him. And then when you find him months later in Harlem, you’ll see him in a different setting. That’s going to be a setting that’s surrounded with different characters and different light all unto itself.”

Colter also confirms that, like the Netflix shows that came before it, Luke Cage will utilize flashbacks. There’s a very good chance these glimpses into Cage’s past will deal with the inns and outs of his incarceration and subsequent release. Plus, Colter hints at the possibility of seeing the Marvel hero in his classic Power Man costume – though if that does happen, you can expect the colors to be muted somewhat.