Is Mike Colter Teasing A Return As Luke Cage In Jessica Jones Season 3?


Luke Cage was cancelled by Netflix a couple of months ago and we’ve heard nothing since about where he might show up next, if at all. Well, fans of the Hero of Harlem might be in for a bit of a treat, as it seems that Power Man himself, Mike Colter, is teasing a return as the character in the upcoming third season of Jessica Jones.

To begin with, Krysten Ritter recently shared a snap of herself on Instagram alongside her JJ co-star Carrie-Ann Moss, who plays Jessica’s frenemy lawyer Jeri Hogarth. The picture itself doesn’t really tell us anything about season 3, but let your eyes fall to the comments and you’ll notice a certain user named “RealMikeColter” has commented something intriguing. “Wow so familiar. I felt like I was there,” he wrote, followed by the nerdy emoji.

See for yourself in the screenshot below:

Colter’s comment reads like a joke suggesting that he was there that day on set, which now has fans thinking Luke might be showing up in Jessica Jones season 3. After all, out of all of the cancelled Defenders heroes, it would make the most sense for Luke to appear on JJ as the characters are closely connected. They had a romance back in season 1 and they re-affirmed their friendship back in The Defenders.

It’s worth mentioning that season 3 was in production long before Netflix started dishing out cancellations, too, so it’s unlikely this – potential – cameo happened as a response to that. In fact, if it does happen, it’ll likely tease the non-existent next run of Luke Cage. Last time we saw him, Luke had taken over the Harlem underground and was starting out on a dark path. Presumably, that’s where he’ll be if he cameos in Jessica Jones.

The Punisher season 2 arrives in January, so expect Jessica Jones a few months after that. Sadly, it’s likely that the pair will soon join Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage on the scrap heap, but at least we have one more season of each to enjoy.