Mike Reveals Tandy’s Childhood Nickname In A New Clip From The Last Man On Earth


First he hallucinated that his little bro’ was Jacob Tremblay (which just benefited everyone watching), and now astronaut Mike (Jason Sudeikis) has trekked all the way to southern California to be reunited with Tandy (Will Forte). And he brings family secrets with him in this week’s all-new The Last Man on Earth.

After reuniting on the beach in the final moments of last week’s episode (along with various punching, sand throwing, and name-calling), it seems that Mike and Tandy relax a bit in time to have a meal with the gang. In the upcoming episode, Mike gets acquainted with everyone, and quickly comes under pressure to reveal Tandy’s childhood nickname.

“Skidmark,” Mike happily admits, much to Tandy’s chagrin. It seems like the writers on The Last Man on Earth are having some fun putting Phil/Tandy/Skidmark through the ringer this season.

Blessedly, we’ll be treated to another season of such awkward nicknames since Fox renewed the post-apocalyptic comedy for a third outing a few weeks ago. Although the second half of season two has suffered from an annoyingly inconsistent programming schedule, it seems that the network has put the show back on track with a straight run of five episodes left before the May 15 finale.

Check out the clip from The Last Man on Earth above, and let us know what you think about Tandy’s new moniker in the comments below!

Source: EW