Jacob Tremblay Is Young Phil Miller In New Clip From The Last Man On Earth


Jacob Tremblay is sitting in a blow-up pool of Kool-Aid and calling his brother a “friggin turd” in the first clip for the return of FOX’s The Last Man on Earth. The tiny actor — fresh off the crazy success of Room — will portray an imagined version of Will Forte’s protagonist Phil/Tandy Miller on the post-apocalyptic sitcom’s midseason return.

In the clip, Tremblay throws some jabs at Mike (Jason Sudeikis), who appears to be well and good following last year’s surprisingly intense finale that saw the lonely astronaut falling to Earth. It appears Mike is still facing a world of inner turmoil, given the fact that he’s imagining his lil’ bro Phil floating in a pool of Kool-Aid next to him in the ocean.

Tremblay revels in the Phil-isms we’ve all come to know and love, letting his brother know that he missed him because he’s such “a good little sister,” and requesting that he “shut his butt” when the two get to yelling. All that’s missing is the appropriate “boom” to punctuate his one-liners.

If you haven’t already, check out the clip above (and if you have, it’s honestly worth multiple viewings), and prepare for the return of The Last Man on Earth this Sunday on FOX.