Mirror Master Reportedly Set To Return To The Flash

The Flash

You don’t need to be a DC Comics diehard to know that The Flash has one of the most unforgettably cool rogues’ galleries of any superhero. After all, his show on The CW has reminded TV viewers of that fact since 2014. The network seems so intent on making sure nobody forgets it, in fact, that the seventh season will reportedly bring back one of these memorable villains.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us an Arrow spinoff is in development and Taskmaster would be the main antagonist in Black Widow, both of which were correct – fans of the Scarlet Speedster will soon see the return of the sinister Eva McCulloch. Better known to most as the maniacal Mirror Master.

That’s right, we’re not talking about Sam Scudder from season 3 who bore the same moniker – he’s still trapped in his mirror-free cell, though we’ve been told he may not be staying there much longer – but the more recently revealed regent of reflections from season 6.

For those not caught up, she’s a cunning quantum engineer with powers similar to the original Mirror Master, but much more powerful and precise. Although her story arc appeared complete by the end of the sixth season, her morally grey role as an anti-hero who uses questionable methods to take villains down has led to some complicated character dynamics with Team Flash that could be interesting if further explored in later episodes.

It’s worth mentioning either way that this plotline is only planned as of now and in the television business, nothing is set in stone until it airs, so changes may be put in place before the story actually hits the small screen. As for how the Mirror Master’s return will transpire once it does, though, we’ll just have to wait for The Flash season 7 to premiere in 2021 to find out.