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Miss Minutes won’t stand for any rude comments about her shocking new look in ‘Loki’ season 2

You come at the Queen you best not miss.

Image via Disney Plus

Courtesy of yesterday’s dazzling trailer we have our first look at Loki season two. The show looks to pick up where the excellent first season left off, maintaining the same offbeat tone, retro sci-fi visuals, and bringing back the impeccable cast.

But now fan-favorite member seems to be getting something of an upgrade. Loveable TVA mascot Miss Minutes was a breakout star last time around, but the trailer indicates she’s now actually breaking out of the TVA to wreak Kaiju-style havoc.

A story has described Miss Minutes as “everyone’s biggest nightmare” and that she’s now “even more terrifying”. Not nice, and she’s got something to say about it:

Miss Minutes Loki tweet
Image via X

We loved Miss Minutes in season one, with her chirpy voice courtesy of veteran voice actor Tara Strong, who has a dazzling range of credits to her name. Her upbeat Southern drawl is a great counterpoint to her vaguely sinister nature, though we’re curious to see how she’s made the leap into the “real world” from the TVA.

It’s pointless to try and predict where the tangled multiversal story will go, though it seems that Marvel Studios are indeed sticking with Jonathan Majors as a Kang variant in it. Majors is set to go on trial on Thursday to face misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment and, if found guilty, may leave the studio in a tricky position. That said, if they’re willing to include him in the trailer, perhaps Marvel is confident he’ll emerge from this with his reputation intact.

Loki season two will premiere on Disney Plus on Oct. 6.

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