‘Moon’ and ‘Warcraft’ director asks fans to petition Disney for his next project


Duncan Jones may have only helmed four features during a brief directorial career, but he’s already achieved plenty of critical and commercial success in that time, even if his most recent effort turned out to be a bit of a misfire.

Breaking out in a major way with the acclaimed Moon, Jones then followed it up with gripping sci-fi action thriller Source Code, which drew strong reviews and earned close to $150 million at the box office on a $30 million budget. Warcraft may have failed to launch the franchise that Universal were anticipating, but it nonetheless reigns as the single highest-grossing video game adaptation ever made.

Netflix’s Mute was a damp squib, though, but the filmmaker is now seeking some fan backing for his next project. Taking to Twitter, Jones urged his followers to petition Disney in an effort to see him helm a live-action version of 1995 PC classic Full Throttle.

full throttle

As a LucasArts title, Disney would be the ones in charge of giving the green light to a hypothetical Full Throttle adaptation, while last year Jones published a script he’d written for it that he’d penned for fun during his creatively-fueled pandemic downtime, so he’s already got the bare bones of a concept in place. Fan campaigns rarely yield results, but that doesn’t mean we can 100% rule this one out from happening.