Moon Knight 1 Of Twitter’s Top Trends Heading Into Disney Plus Day

Moon Knight

As soon as it was confirmed that production had officially wrapped, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans instantly began to speculate that the first official look at Moon Knight was poised to arrive during Disney Plus Day, given the close proximity between the two events.

While we still don’t know for sure whether we’ll be seeing anything from Oscar Isaac’s antihero, there’s no reason to expect otherwise. After all, Marvel have gained a well-earned reputation for giving the people exactly what they want at showcases like these whether it be Comic-Con, Investor Days or the rest, so it’s not a shock to find the fanbase in such an optimistic mood.

In fact, Moon Knight is currently one of the top trending topics on Twitter heading into Disney Plus Day, with the hype beginning to rise to near-deafening levels across the internet.

A sizzle reel wouldn’t be too much to ask for, especially when we know Moon Knight is in the midst of post-production. We more than likely won’t be getting any answers as to which villain Ethan Hawke is playing, but a snippet of footage or a couple of official stills would be more than enough to satiate everyone in the interim.