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‘Moon Knight’ already long-listed for National Television Awards

To the moon!

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Moon Knight began picking up a lot of awards buzz during its run. Most of this centered on Oscar Isaac’s incredible lead performance, in which he effortlessly switched between hardened mercenary Marc Spector and mild-mannered gift shop employee Steven Grant. These transformations often happened within the same scene, with one particularly emotional moment in the fifth episode having fans calling for him to get an Emmy.

Now we have a preview of the success that might be coming for Moon Knight when awards season kicks off. The British National Television Awards have begun their long-listing nomination process, with Moon Knight up for Best New Drama, and Isaac put forward for Best Dramatic Performance.

We should emphasize that this is a long list and not an actual nomination, but the show is at least in contention. If you want to help out the show, you can vote for it here. The awards themselves take place on September 15, so fingers crossed Moon Knight walks away with some trophies.

Fans should have their fingers firmly crossed on this one, as despite the positive reviews and fan reaction, we still have no confirmation of a second season. The finale teased an ongoing story via the long-awaited introduction of Jake Lockley, so we should expect Moon Knight to return to the MCU somehow, if only to resolve that. Even so, Isaac getting some more silver for the trophy case may convince him to come back sooner rather than later.

Moon Knight is available to stream in full on Disney Plus.

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