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‘Moon Knight’ composer reveals what drew them to the project

The series included one of the franchise's most unique soundtracks.

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Moon Knight brought plenty of new ideas and unique additions to the MCU, be it with the show’s story, characters, or memorable soundtrack. The man behind those sounds, Egyptian composer Hesham Nazih has now shared more about his time working on the project.

Speaking to ComicBook, Nazih explained what drew him to the project, and it wasn’t simply because it would be set in Egypt.

“The story is incredible. It’s fantastic, and I would definitely have loved the story if I wasn’t Egyptian, and even if it’s not happening in Egypt, because it’s a beautiful story. And [I love] what an amazing character Marc Spector is.

He’s an incredibly rich, dramatically rich character, through his childhood trauma and everything else. There were so many things that excited me about this show and that were driving me in all aspects, musically and artistically, in so many ways.”

Breaking down his process, Nazih explained that his research for the show started online by getting to know the characters of Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Khonshu better. Shortly afterwards, he received the scripts for the show, and was soon at work crafting its sound.

Nazih is known for his previous composition work on The Blue Elephant and The Covenant, and while this was his first time working within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he shared that there is interest in returning for more projects, sharing a sentiment that most fans would firmly agree with calling the franchise a “fantastic universe”.

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney Plus now.

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