‘Moon Knight’ Director Says Marc Spector Is Here to Stay
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‘Moon Knight’ director says the many faces of Marc Spector are here to stay

Everyone's dancing around the season 2 question, but we'll see how long that holds up.

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Even though a second season hasn’t been officially announced, nobody is operating under the impression that we won’t see Oscar Isaac in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again now that Moon Knight wrapped up in spectacular style with its sixth and final episode.

The actor may have also confirmed that he doesn’t have a contract with the monolithic comic book company beyond the conclusion of the Disney Plus series, but the many faces of Marc Spector are simply too popular to make such an immediate splash, only to be instantly cast aside in favor of shiny new toys.

Director Mohamed Diab has been similarly non-committal about the chances of a sophomore run for Moon Knight, but he did reveal to Variety his belief that the title hero is here to stay.

“If you ask me, I would tell you that Moon Knight is here to stay. He’s an interesting character. If you are Marvel, I think the smart business decision is to keep him. The only thing is, Marvel is not traditional. If you succeed, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a Season 2. By the way, I’m kept in the dark. I have no clue. I’m just thinking as a businessman right now.

But I think they’re going to stay. Maybe it’s going to be a film. Maybe it’s going to be a journey like what happened with WandaVision. I wish one day, if there is an expansion, I would be a part of it. We ended in a way that feels like a beginning. You see Mark and Steven becoming a new dynamic, the two of them in one body. We see Jake. You see the Scarlet Scarab, who could be a superhero or not. Very interesting stuff.”

A feature-length upgrade can’t be ruled out now the world-building is out of the way, but fans won’t care what the next iteration of Moon Knight looks like, as long as it happens.