Oscar Isaac doesn’t have a Marvel contract beyond ‘Moon Knight’

moon knight

Even though Kevin Feige claimed that the days of Marvel Studios handing out six, seven, or even nine-picture contracts were a thing of the past, you’d have thought the company’s chief creative officer would at least attempt to tie down some big names that are virtually guaranteed to have a future as part of the cinematic universe.

However, Oscar Isaac has already admitted several times over that he was hesitant to board Disney Plus series Moon Knight in the first place, due to his desire to move away from established properties. Fortunately, he was convinced to sign on the dotted line, with fans reaping the rewards after yesterday’s premiere.

Despite director Mohamed Diab, lead writer Jeremy Slater, and producer Grant Curtis touting potential directions for Marc Spector to head in the future, Isaac revealed to Variety that he doesn’t have a contract with Marvel beyond Moon Knight, so his future is entirely dependent on finding a project that suits both parties.

“I had heard of the golden handcuffs. That was something that I was reticent about. And luckily, we all agreed that this [show] is what we’re going to focus on. This is the story. And if there’s any kind of future, I think it just depends on if people like it, if people want to see more, and if we find a story that’s worth telling.”

Maybe Isaac will finally get around to the long-gestating Metal Gear Solid movie before he returns as the MCU’s newest superhero, but we’d feel pretty confident in saying that he’ll be back sooner rather than later once his six-episode debut draws to a close.

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