‘Moon Knight’ fans aren’t sold on Oscar Isaac’s British accent

Image via Marvel

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the first full-length trailer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s hotly-anticipated Disney Plus series Moon Knight dropped a few hours ago, and the internet hasn’t been able to stop talking about it since.

The comic book adaptation looks to be one of the darkest projects we’ve ever seen from Kevin Feige’s all-conquering franchise, and should inject the long-running superhero series with a brand new and immensely popular antihero that can play a major recurring role in the mythology moving forward.

There’s no denying that Oscar Isaac is one of the most talented actors of his generation, but as you can see from the reactions below, the merits of his British accent deployed by his Steven Grant have come under intense scrutiny on social media.

Moon Knight looks to be taking some fairly sweeping liberties with the source material in general, not least of all positioning Grant as the dominant aspect of the title hero’s dissociative identity disorder at the expense of Marc Spector, but we’ve got more than enough faith to believe the combined might of Isaac and the MCU machine will deliver an episodic adventure that lives up to the lofty expectations attached to the March 30 debutant.

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