‘Moon Knight’ fans can’t get over a certain character cameo in the trailer

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The first trailer for Marvel’s next must-see streaming series Moon Knight is now here, and fans can’t get enough of a powerful character’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo. This show has been one of the most highly-anticipated of Marvel’s Disney Plus efforts ever since it was first announced, with the hype raising even more after we found out Star Wars star Oscar Isaac was bringing the complex hero to life.

It’s taken a long while, but now our first glimpse at the series, which promises to be a stark departure from previous Disney Plus productions, has arrived. The trailer made clear that Moon Knight won’t shy away from the darker tone of the character’s stories from the comics, nor will it ignore the comic book weirdness of his origins. In a move that shocked many, the trailer confirmed that the Egyptian God Khonshu will appear in the series — and he looks terrifying.

In case you’re not aware, ex-marine Marc Spector was transformed into a superhero when he was resurrected and imbued with power by the moon god Khonshu. The MCU has often taken a more grounded route with its heroes, so we weren’t sure Khonshu was going to make it into the screen franchise. However, a brief glimpse at him is seen in the trailer during a brilliant jump-scare moment. And it has left folks reeling on social media.

Something that fans are really impressed with so far is how comics-accurate Moon Knight promises to be. Not only is the vigilante’s look ripped straight from the page, but Khonshu is a close fit to his design in the source material. The trailer also teases that the show will focus heavily on Spector’s dissociative personality disorder. All in all, this could easily be the most mature Marvel show since Netflix’s Defenders-verse ended.

Moon Knight premieres March 30 on Disney Plus.

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