‘Moon Knight’ might not be a universal success, but fans have nothing but love for Layla


This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight season one throughout

Oscar Isaac’s three-dimensional (in more ways than one) role in Moon Knight isn’t the only performance worthy of praise. In fact, depending on who you ask, Isaac’s co-star in the six-part series, May Calamawy, may have just stolen what was supposed to be the main attraction’s thunder.

Calamawy, who plays archeologist and Marc Spector’s estranged wife Layla El-Faouly on the show, has garnered huge praise from audiences throughout the first season, with her character arc developing well beyond that of a concerned spouse.

In the finale especially — where Layla becomes the avatar of Tawaret, gaining her own kick-ass costume and powers in the process — Calamawy shines, helping to elevate, alongside Isaac, an otherwise hit-and-miss addition to the MCU.

Here’s what the fans themselves are saying:

Some are particularly elated to see the MCU receive its first Egyptian superhero.

World domination.

Marvel confirmed yesterday, following episode six’s airing, that Layla’s newfound abilities are in fact a nod to Scarlett Scarab.

A (super) star is born.

The importance of representation can never be emphasised enough.

A positive start for this fledgling superhero, then, though whether Marvel intends for Calamawy to become a permanent fixture in the MCU is another matter entirely. It’s unlikely that the comics giant would introduce such a promising character with no intention of following up on her potential future as a crime fighter, though that might not necessarily come as part of a second season for Moon Knight.

The decision-makers remain coy about whether the show will return for a second outing, so we’ll just have to wait and see what role, if any, Layla, as well as Marc/Steven/Jake have to play in the stories to come.