‘Moon Knight’: new batch of images and scarab poster unveiled

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

Coinciding with the release of the second episode of Moon Knight on Disney Plus this week, Marvel Studios unveiled a new scarab-themed poster and a handful of all-new images.

The new artwork was unveiled in a pair of tweets by the official Marvel Studios Twitter account Thursday, and prominently features the McGuffin styled after a beetle that Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant can’t seem to rid himself of, the Egyptian God Khonshu that endows him with powers, one of the creepy jackals that chases him, his alter-ego Mr. Knight, and his estranged wife, May Calamawy’s Layla El-Faouly, who knew the man she called her husband as his original mercenary identity, Marc Spector.

Fans had some interesting thoughts about putting the metal scarab front-and-center and couldn’t help but bring up the now-viral meme of a doctored panel from the comics, in which the hero declares “random bulls–t go!” and throws them at some bad guys.

Another fan compared the object to Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch.

Plenty of people also expressed their enjoyment of the series so far while sharing the new images.

In the latest episode of the series, the mild-mannered gift shop employee, Grant, dons his own Khonshu avatar, Mr. Knight. Since he suffers from dissociative identity disorder, he previously discovered Marc Spector was his alter-ego whose Egyptian god avatar was the hooded Moon Knight. Mr. Knight contrasts his look from Moon Knight by wearing a three-piece all-white suit, something Spector mocks in hilarious fashion.

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