‘Moon Knight’ star says the show is a major departure for the MCU

moon knight

We know that upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series Moon Knight is poised to deliver something we’ve never seen from the franchise before, if only for the fact that’s what everyone involved keeps telling us.

Whether it’s stars Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, lead writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater, director Mohamed Diab, or Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, the official party line is that Marc Spector’s live-action debut is taking the long-running superhero saga into uncharted territory from a visual, stylistic, and thematic perspective.

Believe it or not, those sentiments have been echoed by yet another member of the Moon Knight team, with actor Rey Lucas teasing a major departure from the MCU’s norm during an interview with Variety at the red carpet premiere.

“I can say that the show overall, is intended and I think is successfully gonna be a shift, and departure from some of the other Marvel stuff can be really adventurous. [There’s] a lot of psychological elements to it. You know, I think it’s still gonna be funny also and relatable at times. Just as a fan, I’m really excited. I saw the trailer and was like ‘oh my god, this is great.'”

If you hear the same thing often enough from a number of different sources, then you can guarantee there’s a significant element of truth to it. Moon Knight is only seven days away, and the hype is beginning to reach unbearable levels for fans of both the character and the franchise in general, who’ve been starved of fresh content since Spider-Man: No Way Home released three months ago.

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