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‘Moon Knight’ theory explains how a fan-favorite hero could be introduced in season 2

Cat scratch fever.

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Moon Knight‘s first season ended with a bang. We got the kick-ass debut of Layla as Tawaret’s avatar the Scarlet Scarab, saw a Godzilla-sized Khonshu beating up a giant alligator lady, and got a tantalizing tease of homicidal third personality Jake Lockley. After all that, you’d think the second season would be a lock. But it’s been weeks, and we haven’t heard a peep about Moon Knight‘s return.

However, there’s a fun fan theory that may lay the ground for the arrival of another Marvel Comics hero. The show establishing that the Egyptian gods can award people powers as their avatars seems like fertile storytelling territory. Midway through the season, we met Bastet, the Egyptian cat god who also popped up in Black Panther.

Perhaps when she creates a new avatar, they became the MCU’s Tigra? Also known as Greer Nelson, Tigra has a long history with Marc Spector in the comics, even ending up romantically entangled with him after a superhero team-up. The character is essentially your basic cat-lady, coming with heightened agility, stamina, speed, and a penchant for cat-themed bikinis.

The main stumbling block is that Wonder Woman 1984 just did Cheetah, who is pretty much a carbon copy of Tigra. The two characters look the same, act the same, and even share a similar magical origin. Given how poorly Warner Bros’ Cheetah was received (and the lingering disgust at Cats) we doubt Marvel would head to that particular well of inspiration.

Let’s just hope Moon Knight season two happens at all, as we’re already in Oscar Isaac withdrawal after that first season.

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