Moon Knight TV Series Said To Be In Development For Netflix


Ever since Marvel first announced the roster of heroes that would head up their Netflix TV campaign, fans have wondered if and when they’d get to see a live-action take on Moon Knight make it to the small screen. Now, the latest rumor from Heroic Hollywood’s El Mayimbe suggests that it will happen at some point.

Mayimbe appeared as a guest on the Collider Heroes show, and around the ten minute mark he revealed that he’s heard there are indeed plans to develop the character for a new Netflix series, though he didn’t elaborate any further.

Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight, has been referred to as “Marvel’s Batman” (though really, it’s not a fair comparison), and the mix of fantasy/mythology, vigilante action and horror elements would certainly be something we haven’t seen from the studio before.  Plus, Spector’s adventures tend to get pretty violent, which also makes this a perfect fit for the more adult-orientated Netflix programming.

There has been some chatter about this before, and the lack of any real details here mean that there’s a chance this is just speculation – but Moon Knight remains one of the more popular second tier characters that Marvel hasn’t utilized yet, so you’d have to believe there’s at least been a conversation about getting him out there in some capacity.

Source: CBM