‘Moon Knight’ writer admits he tried to get the ‘f**king nerd’ meme into the show

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While Moon Knight has seen a burst in popularity this year thanks to the excellent Disney Plus show, it has been a fixture in Marvel comics for almost 50 years. Some may have been familiar with his guest appearance in other heroes’ comics, but there’s one other big way the internet knows Marc Spector: via memes.

These originate from the Facebook group ‘Moon Knight-core’, with the most notorious seeing the character dismissing Count Dracula as a “big f**king nerd“ and demanding that he gets his “goddamn money.” Now Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater said he really wanted to squeeze a reference to this into the show.

Speaking with Comicbook.com, he said:

“I tried so hard. The problem is you can’t say f**k on Disney Plus. And so you either have to do a really awkward bleep where something breaks right when they say it. But it also felt [wrong] to have him sort of recreate any part of that meme, but not do the part that people liked the most, which is the sort of inappropriate cursing. It was just kind of shining a spotlight on the fact that we couldn’t curse.”

But he may yet get his chance:

“I still think there’s ways to get some of those memes in there. I’ve also said on the record that I would love to see Moon Knight going after Dracula at some point. And maybe Blade has that area staked out, no pun intended, but look, if Moon Knight goes after Dracula, I can assure you that someone will work that meme in there somewhere.”

It’s also telling that Slater is hinting at an arc involving the MCU’s Dracula with Mahershala Ali’s Blade involved. There have been rumors for some time that Marvel is setting up an MCU version of the ‘Midnight Sons’ team — which in the comics is composed of horror-leaning characters like Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and Blade (among many others).

We also know from the Eternals post-credits scene that Blade is active in London, so if Jake Lockley is still prowling the darkened streets of the city protecting “overnight travelers,” they might cross paths while the half-vampire is patrolling the streets. Here’s hoping that Moon Knight season two is confirmed soon and we get a better idea of what the future holds for Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Jake Lockley.

Moon Knight is available in full on Disney Plus.

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