‘Moon Knight’ writer admits he wanted to reference the Dracula memes

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Moon Knight has been appearing in Marvel comics for almost half a century. Despite this longevity, it’s only now that he’s started to break through to the mainstream, having previously been seen in fun comics runs and guest appearances in other heroes’ adventures. Disney Plus’ Moon Knight will likely change that, with critics and audiences alike loving the premiere episode.

But there’s one other way audiences may already know of Moon Knight: the memes. These have originated from Facebook group ‘Moon Knight-core’, with the most famous seeing the character dismissing Count Dracula as a “big f**king nerd“.

Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater mentioned this on ‘The Kingscast’ podcast and said he tried and failed to squeeze in a reference:

There’s a ton of memes. There’s also one where he’s throwing his bat-arangs and screaming ‘Useless s**t go!’ and other things like that. There’s one where he’s making fun of Punisher’s dead wife. A lot of them are fan made but they’ve sort of taken on this life of their own. We tried so hard, because we can’t say ‘f**k’ on Disney+ and we also don’t have Draculas in the show. We tried so hard to think of some way to reference those memes and we just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get it in there. Hopefully, maybe someday.

Fans have already been theorizing that Ethan Hawke’s Dr. Arthur Harrow might be Count Dracula in disguise, though comments from the stars and crew indicate that this won’t happen. Even so, Dracula is a big villain in Marvel Comics, and with Blade soon making his bloody live-action debut, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the more supernaturally inclined characters teaming up to take him down.

Perhaps then Oscar Isaac can finally shake down Drac and utter those iconic memetic words. But, for now, we’re just excited to see where Moon Knight ends up. Steven Grant/Marc Spector is the most unique hero the MCU has seen in years, and I hope Isaac sticks around for many years to come.

Moon Knight airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

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